Demigirl Flag Keychain – FP 6-in-1


This is a simple product.


This Demigirl flag-colored keychain has four individual ring colors – dark grey, light grey, pink, and matte silver (representing white…a color that’s very close but impossible to hit exactly with the anodized aluminum process). The gender identity flag style can also be known as demiwoman, demifemale or a demilady.


  • “The flag is modeled in the style of the transgender pride-flag, retaining the central white & pink stripes representing enbies & women, but with 4 added horizontal stripes of different shades of grey to signify a disconnect and/or uncertainty associated with this gender-identity.”




Anodized aluminum rings and a stainless steel, rotatable, lobster clasp keychain base come standard in this keychain. Contact me for any special customizations needed.

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