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Employee Onboarding Example

This is a fantastic way to increase adoption by onboarding new employees with a clear strategy for success. It also provides an iterative method of compiling standard operating procedures, guidelines, and resources for both new and current employees.

Hiring Managers Views

Gantt Timeline of a new employee’s account preparation:

Prepare specific tasks while preparing for new employees. Simply click on “done” when a task is complete. Watch as task cards disappear from view as the checklist is processed.

As the new employee starts, get them started with a concise path forward with tasks, roles, and responsibilities both for what is expected of them and how they can reach out to their colleagues.

New employees can view their onboarding checklist by TRAINER

They can also view tasks by Category and focus on specific toolsets as they gain proficiency

Support Requests Example

Have coworkers request service needs from a department using a conditional logic form, as shown on the right side of this view. Then see the newly submitted requests in a dashboard of what is currently active and being worked on.

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